We have beautiful Australian native timber on our doorstep at Malumla. We build bespoke tables from a selection of Stringy bark (Eucalyptus), Sydney blue gum (Eucalyptus saligna), Forest red gum (Eucalyptus camaldulensis), Ribbon gum (Eycalyptus viminalis), Grey gum (Eucalyptus canaliculata) and Greybox (Eucalyptus microcarpa).  From the off cuts of the tables, we create boot pullers and crates.

Boot Pullers

Snowy has always enjoyed working with wood and made his first boot puller when he was at school (which his parents are still using in their mudroom).

These are a simple design, made from our table off cuts, usually out of Stringy Bark Gum, milled from our farm.  These boot pullers will literally last forever.

They fit all sizes from tiny tots through to adults.  Our kids were thrilled to pull their own boots off without any help by about age three or four, and so were we.  You can pick one up from our shop.


The kitchen table is the heart of a family home.  It is a place to share meals, stories, plans and dreams.  It needs to work well.

Ours, made of Stringy Bark is a little narrower than a standard table, to fit into the space we have in our open plan kitchen and to allow little hands to more easily reach the middle of the table.

The tables we make are of timber such as Stringy Bark, Sydney Blue Gum and Red Gum, cut from our property and dried in advance.  Each table is inspired by simple, Danish lines and custom made to show a unique wood grain and fit a unique space.

Look for more detail and indicative costs in our Shop.

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