Caring for Wooden Products

Your wooden furniture or goods are natural products and may expand and contract due to varying temperature conditions and condensation in the atmosphere, occasionally producing small cracks within or between the boards. This is normal and often part of a piece’s character.

Avoid cleaning wood with harsh chemicals.  To clean your wooden surface, use a cloth or feather duster to remove the dust. Removing dust is essential as it absorbs moisture on humid days and damp evenings, causing the timber to expand/crack.

You may use a slightly damp cloth or mild detergent in lukewarm water to remove liquids that might stain, however be sure that the cloth is not soaked excessively and the surface is dried with a clean dry cloth immediately after wetting.

Every few months, or more regularly if you choose to, it is worth getting a cloth and rubbing some good quality furniture or beeswax polish over it. 

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