Made by B is a creative husband and wife team with a shared passion for home grown and home made.  We want to bring you onto our farm to share with you the origins and tales of our timber and produce, along with the life of our bees and B’s. 

As well as growing and producing from nature, we have a fascination and respect for nature and an appreciation of its beauty.  The timber we use is only cut down if we can create something from it that will last forever.  Firewood is from timber that has been fallen for many years.  And we’re careful, where possible to preserve timber that has formed a natural habitat for surrounding wildlife.

Snowy Bragg is a farmer and artisan with a love of wildlife, nature, gardening, cooking, learning and creating.  He is interested in just about everything.  He thrives on sharing his knowledge in an interesting and engaging way.  He always has a tale to tell.

Louisa Bragg is a marketer who loves photographing, discovering, cooking, creating and story telling.  She thrives on drawing the best out of people, along with their stories.

Our quest is to create and produce sympathetically and seasonally from our beautiful farm and we look forward to sharing it with you.

Latest B Tales

Supa IGA Muswellbrook supporting local producers

We're very grateful to Leon, Cordelia and the the team at @igamuswellbrook for their dedication to supporting local producers. Our honey is now on their shelves along with other local producers like @hunterbelledairyco milk and @pukaraestate oil and vinegar. Please...

Where does our honey come from?

Our bees create honey from foraging in the hilltops around Mount Malumla, Upper Rouchel in the Upper Hunter Region of NSW. The bulk of blossom is from the Eucalyptus (E) genus: Stringy Bark (E. obliqua); River Red Gum (E. camaldulensis); Forest Red Gum (E....

The ‘goodest’ honey tree

As we were driving around our property, while Snowy checked hives, one of our sons, Monty, pointed to the blossom in the distance and with alacrity, said, "Dad, that is the goodest honey tree in the world."  And at the moment, he's right.  It is the best honey tree in...

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